Introducing: Ride Along


Want to visit your friend at a different university but don’t have a car on campus? No problem. Cost of gas preventing you from going home to see your family? No problem. Want company for your spur-of-the-moment weekend road trip? No problem… With Ride Along, students finally have a way to comfortably and affordably travel long (or short) distances with other students heading in the same direction.


Only available in a handful of apps, we’re thrilled to offer payments through Venmo - riders will make payments from their Venmo account and drivers will receive payments into theirs. With the push of a button, this is one of the simplest and quickest ways to make payments.

Tailored specifically with students in mind, our pricing structure aims to satisfy two objectives:
(1) Provide students who are unable to or simply don’t want to drive with an affordable option and (2) Cover the cost of gas (and maybe a coffee or two) for providing a ride to a fellow student.
The Fare Estimator should give you a good idea of what to expect to pay or receive, respectively.

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Ride Along is free to download!

Find affordable rides, have the cost of gas covered, and meet interesting students from your university today!


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